Saturday, February 23, 2008


sup world!

i just finished my second last examination of my entire life and i'm so thankful despite the fact that the lecturer was so vague about the exam tips, she made shakespeare sound like an open book. tomorrow, i shall begin to dig my face in textbooks that contains facts which aren't of any relevance to reality. facts that don't relate to reality, now there's an oxymoron, morons. you can't imagine the excitement that it sends down my spine to my kneecaps. i shall break into a random anyhow dance any time now.

if you didn't know, i paid $23000 worth of school fees to get a fucking piece of paper. i mean, there are other cheaper ways of being smart and successful but i, the braindead, chose to pay an annual salary for it. unfortunately for me, i wasn't born einstein. bum-fucking-mer.

despite my extremely tight schedule (yeah right!), i've made plenty time to venture the ever so wonderful world of movies. i highly recommend watching "the nines". its by john august who had previously written "big fish". ryan reynolds stars in this one and he was incredibly brilliant. the story is made up of three worlds, in which he assumes a different person and later finds out that he is some sort of a multi-lateral being. its an interesting show. if you have as much time to kill as i do, you should also watch "gone baby gone" and "trade".

btw, the entry kat bawah tu so gangster tak jadi.

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