Tuesday, February 26, 2008


izaril is a quarter of a century old today. i decided to do something different for this birthday. seeing that he is a nature lover (which is something i cannot fathom), i gathered a few friends for a day trip to pulau ubin. i have never been there and the sun might as well be my biggest enemy, but we do crazy things for our close ones, and off we went with the usual suspects.

we reached ubin at about 12ish, and we rented bicycles. we cycled and settled for bbq near the coastal area. the sun was blazing, enough to turn a cracker into pork roast. irfan and i started dancing like there was a bonfire, we took some silly ass videos, we danced with umbrellas and towels, we sweat profusely, we resigned to eating (all stories that that end with food are good stories). i shall post the silly ass videos as soon as i receive the files. if self-praise is the worst disgrace, then self-public defamation must be of much grace. yes, the beauty of the simple-minded.

after the bbq, we cycled further and half-explored ubin. you can't expect old people to suddenly turn into marco polo, no? to us old folks, the half-exploration felt like we had reached the edge of the earth, thus denying all science and logic that the earth is indeed a sphere. anyway, who gives a hoot about logic when there's infinity to embrace in imagination (says the half-crazy old woman i.e. me). thereafter, we headed back to main sunny island of singapore and we headed to my place to watch "persepolis".

in entirety, i am beat but i had so much fun. thank you! thank you!

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izaree said...

helo. thanks for the happy fun trip. let's do it again. lots of luv from ol man zaree.