Sunday, February 24, 2008

we sure are cute for two ugly people


last night, i watched "Juno" and i absolutely fell in love with it. it was such a nice movie for the moderate misfits of the world. if you liked "Napolean Dynamite" (which is a tad overrated but i like nonetheless), you will love "Juno". it is the cooler and smarter version. i've always had a thing for witty dialogues and ellen page nailed this like she was the hammer's daughter.

speaking of ellen page, she is the single handsome most pretty girl i've seen. she should be like, the prince or princess of androgyny. she plays the character juno, who gets knocked up by this geek of a best friend. everything went downhill and she gave the baby away for adoption because she couldn't bring herself to abort it, mostly because her classmate, siew chen, was protesting outside the clinic and told her the baby already has fingernails. she got completely freaked about the finger nails bit. i mean, seriously, how can you kill something or someone that has fingernails? she then meets the adopting parents and the husband coincidentally shares her taste in music and gore movies. unintentionally, she becomes the immediate cause for a broken marriage.

there, i spoilt half the show for you. yay! "Juno" definitely goes into my un-updated list of favourite movies. the storyline was mediocre but the the dialogue was so brilliant and funny.

and i've fallen in love with this song. kimya dawson is so beautiful and talented. here's the video.

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