Sunday, March 23, 2008

hypered links and slowered reality


if you didn't know, you can also be mind-numbed by me at another corner of the virtual world

out of immense boredom, i've uploaded a playlist of the current music that i so often peruse and patronize. here is the link and it is available for download if you own a multiply account.

i wonder why multiply hasn't received as much publicity as facebook has. in my opinion, facebook is full of nonsensical applications and is too damn flooded with notifications. i have 900 outstanding notifications for god's sake and i've personally resigned to being the stagnating user. on the other hand, multiply allows for storage of photos, music and videos, which should make it the ultimate website for the tech-loving people we are. maybe, they need a new outlook and sleeker templates or sumda, cos they do tend to look a bit dodgy.

the second installment of xclusiveonlineradio is up for downloads and you can visit xscetera for more info.

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Joe Black said...

Hear ye, hear ye!

Si mon amie, I am aware of your Multiply site. In fact, been aware of it for a long time now. Yeah I agree that Facebook is overrated and overloaded.

But what I've come to realize is that most typical Singaporean Facebook pages are just crammed up with duplicate applications which take a reasonable time to load. Like how many 'walls', 'hugs', 'kiss me', 'my top/best/sexy friends', 'compare people' apps does one need? But if you're looking for a lot of connections worldwide and intend to build traffic for your business, website, blog, then Facebook is an added advantage.

Another victim is Friendster where people overload with glitter stuff and videos. Are people just updating their sites to get noticed and look cool?

Multiply and MySpace sites are better alternatives, I guess but perhaps it is not common with the Singaporean crowd? Either we think we know quite a bit of what is happening in the web world or we haven't a clue and are still left out and slow to catch up.

Joe Black