Sunday, March 16, 2008


konichiwa bitches!

i am back from tokyo, japan. i absolutely adore the japanese people, they are extremely well-mannered and they provide excellent service. it still can be somewhat annoying that they're constantly chirpy and the girls are on helium. but really, these people are so helpful. you could go into their shop, buy nothing but they would give you a hand with your things. there were many instances where i was carrying several paperbags and i was just browsing in their shop, they offered an extra large bag for my convenience. i've had several occasions back home where shopkeepers simply refuse to give a paperbag and insisted you buy something before they do. its like, the japanese people are constantly high on life and they're just glad to help. they drop a 'thank you' like its hot. all you have to do is walk past them and you get a 'thank you'. they must be really grateful people, unlike us, the nation of self-absorbed pretentious creeps.we can't even help ourselves, much more help others.

gee. imagine that.

and the japanese girls are so pretty with their fake eyelashes and perfect complexion. if you get into the train, chances are a few of them are doing their make-up. they're really dolled up.

i didn't get to see those cutesy costume-dressed harajuku girls, but i did catch some teenagers rocking the get-up in akhihabara, which is a heaven for gadgets. the mobile phones here are amazing, they're very pretty. most of them iced out their phones. anyway, harajuku is a great place to shop.

people hardly speak english here. this is what i love about being in a foreign place, you can say the nastiest things in their faces and all they'll say is thank you. absofuckinglutely lovely.

ameyoko has dirt cheap sneakers going for 30 buckaroos a pop and they're actually legit, which totally rocks my panties. i pimped 4 sneakers, totally six underground.

every girl that goes to tokyo must pay a visit to the exclusive burberry blue label. i didn't get anything there because there wasn't anything that caught my eye and those that did, wasn't worth it. i also did not visit the premium factory outlets because it costs a bomb just to get to that place, which sucks major ass. i did, however, buy nonsensical things like a sumo mask and some other crazy ass stuff.

if you're ever in japan, you must check out their cool ass toilets. they have syringes installed, complete with sanitizers and disposable toilet seats. these people really know how to take care of their apple bottoms.

what's not so great is the fact that i had to pay 20 buckaroos per day for my internet connection. i would expect hilton, of all places, to provide free internet connection. they invest so much for their buttocks but they make us pay for the internet. talk about priorities, they definitely have it twisted.

nevertheless, i am glad to be home. zaree, cha and irfan fetched us from the airport and we spent the latter part of the night eating milk mochi and playing crackers. it was good fun.

the other time, i caught 'the leap years' and the show can be summed up in these few words; absence makes the heart grow fonder. if that logic is true, then complete absence must equate to bliss. so why pursue relationships in the first place when it makes us so bloody unhappy. human nature is so peculiar and our world is so bizarre.

on another note, i can't bloody stand girly girls. they're such humdrums and all conversations revolve around their non-existent ideals of a prince charming aka their boyfriend, make up and stuff that makes looking at my toenails more interesting. go get a fucking hobby like collecting stamps or sumda.

and intellects are overrated. lets face it, some people are smart and then there are the rest of us. what's so bloody wrong with being stupid? knowledge doesn't make you the ultimate supremacy especially if you lack common sense.

eh? this turned into another random rant which means its high time to say good night. so, good night!


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