Thursday, March 20, 2008


it is without wonder that not all men were born leaders nor politicians. seriously, you should just zip that gap hole because every time you yak, you're just clearing the fucking clouds that's disguising your stupidity. i don't even like calling people stupid.

i am confused on what your intentions are because like a scheming bitch, you pretend to uphold something that i once gave a fuck about, then you squander all dignity by compartmentalizing people. honestly, some of us are square pegs in round hole. and i may at times be crude as hell that i've lost all typical feminine charm, but i try my best to be diplomatic when the time calls for it. you are the other end of the spectrum of diplomacy, to the point of being disheartening to people who need fuel to fire a passion that we once shared. you took something and you're turning it into nothing, not because you're not trying but because your ways contradict your intentions. you synthesize our shared ideals into petty dreams.

i'm not mad at you, i'm just fucking furious at your cavemen ways that so defies time and civilisation. and to think that you juggled the balls of an immature a-hole really tickles my armpit hair. personally, he is the most superficial mofo i know and i'm ashamed to admit that i have been acquainted with such a person. he disregards any silly fun because he is one sophisticated short motherfucker. of course, he's a bloody oxymoron who fucks and flirts anything that walks at the expense of any relationship. i wouldn't be surprised if i found out that he is an incest, pedophile or inhibit any other sexual dysfunctions known to men.

and the blind leads the blind, the rest follows. next time, lets castrate our balls together since nothing else matters as long as we do it together.

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