Sunday, April 13, 2008

and another one goes by

i love that song by the walkmen.

tomorrow, i shall be officially enslaved as a zombie into the corporate system. misery loves company, i took it literally so i sold myself for a salary. this puts an end to my nocturnal sleeping habits which involves saying good night at an ungodly hour and waking when the sun bids goodbye. no more impromptu chillout sessions at the xs lab aka the incubator till wee hours in the morning :(

its been 6 months of unemployment and it has been nothing short of great and all the positive connotations that comes along with it.

anyway, cop a copy of junk's april issue. pendekar and irfan is featured in the junk cd. i did an interview there too. yay! its available at hmv, borders and kinokuniya.

i went to jb last friday and kenji sent his car for a wash. i left a book in the backseat and halfway back to singapore, i noticed the book was gone. i thought the carwash might have stolen it. ironically, the first thing i said when i thought that the book was gone was that books are like kryptonite to a malay, so why would a malay steal it. my bad lah, the guy actually placed in the book in the trunk. i blame it on my skepticism, no less.

since i'll be working in somerset again, i'll be seeing the familiar faces of ex-colleagues, which is a good thing cos i've missed them so.

and on the final day before the destined doomsday, i bid adieu to beloved friends, brothers and imaginary friends in the bumming club that i so often glorify. i'll be seeing you. gyyyeah!


Radya Wong said...

good luck!!
so where are you working now?

V.I.T.O.X.S said...

you know u can't run away from me to be doing your faggot-licious chorus right...

i love u bro, and your two non-existent balls.

chiao and piss outside.

adrenalene.xs said...

hey radya! i'm working in singtel now, which is just next door to singapore power. i guess i can't run away from that place

adrenalene.xs said...

ayyy muhd chavito. i luuuh u back bro and lets piss in the middle east!

for the record, i got six non-existent balls considering that i have three big chunky non-existent penises!

Zololkis said...

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