Sunday, April 20, 2008

the first

i survived my first week at work. it was an intense struggle juggling my insanity against logic but i emerged victorious!

i hate first days. i came to work only to find that i was part of a newly formed team and i'm the first person innit. the manager only comes in in may. in short, i am like a guinea pig waiting to be slaughtered and made halal, which we all know is a lost cause. really, this is the story of my life. i have a neck for putting myself in grim situations. either that or i'm just too dramatic. i reckon its the latter.

anyway, this guinea pig i.e. me is sitting in an isolated workstation away from mankind. talk about no man is an island, this guinea pig sure is.

nothing and no one is familiar. i miss my room, my bed, my comforter, my computer that doesn't restrict internet access, the insanity of watching ten movies in a row, lazing around in bed, procrastinating about having to study, cooking up junk and calling it a decent meal.

most of all, i miss familiarity because i am a creature of habit that ever so defies change. don't ask a square peg to fit into a round hole. i really really like being square because i'm pretty damn boring and oh so fine with it. if only corporate zombies appreciated such honesty, i'd be CEO of the world. since we all know that reality is cruel and forces us to compromise on our hopes and dreams, lets just play pretend for the sake of irking science and logic. thus, i am the CEO of the world with a flock of sheep tossing and turning on pink grass from nine to five.

signing off

guinea pig ceo of the world

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