Thursday, April 3, 2008


happy hello!

today, i had to break my ungodly sleeping routine and wake up earrrly because i had an interview. the interview went quite alright, considering that i haven't been to one since the prehistoric ages. i am dressed very formally and i feel totally awkward.

oh gosh, i can't believe i'm back into that phase of job seeking and interviews. i find interviews very energy draining because i have to act all optimistic and pretend that i'm this cheery mofo who wants nothing in life but to elevate and be the cause of success for a company. gee. in actuality, i'm more like the anti-christ of interviews masking myself for the bigger evil.

as i'm typing this mind-numbing post, i am waiting for my dear friend zul to finish his work and he's taking an entire century. i reckon that by the time he finishes his stuff, i will have a full grown grayed beard and walking like the hunchback of notredame. luckily, the forces of the world conspired for the sake of entertaining me in the form of a pretty pretty imac. thus, explaining the silly billy pictures above.

ok. i'm done ranting. so bye bye.

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