Sunday, April 20, 2008


i am on a roll. three entries in the span of three hours. i am so bored i can cut my head in half and take my brain out, refrigerate it and have it for lunch tomorrow since i have no use for a brain anyway.

because i am a closet narcissist and this is my blog, i shall write about myself. cue evil laughter.

my slave name is azlin but i go by adrenalene. friends and foes alike call me lene. the first time i fell in love was when i was barely sixteen and i'm glad to say that even though we may have somewhat drifted, we're still the best of friends, if not lovers. i am a very emotionally driven person, so much so that what i feel can destroy me if i linger it for too long. i guess that makes my biggest weakness, like knocking my kneecaps and making me fall from mountain-high. i am passion. i embody passion when i hear dope lyrics laced on doper beats. when i was fifteen, i fell in love with the art of rap and i still embrace it to this very day. if hiphop was apart of your past as it was mine, show love if not keep your mouth shut. fuck people who say i may do hiphop but i don't listen to hiphop. please don't bite your own tongue and forget the hands that fed you just to fit into your superficial social circle. i find it tiring to be pretentious but practicality sometimes forces the pretentiousness in you. i am selfish ,self-absorbed, materialistic and in short, weak but i use words as weapons. i believe that a woman with a book is more lethal than a man with a gun. mind games can really fuck you up. my favourite authors are chuck palahniuk and neil gaiman. chuck palahniuk for the fucked up mind games and neil gaiman for neverending fantasy. i love friends because they make me feel at home without the physical relevance of a hdb flat. i am a firm believer in faith but i'm standing on infertile ground. i trust my heart for what my mind doesn't understand. i do find it difficult to embrace faith in a world full of odds. its like dropping a feather in the sky and asking it to stand still in the presence of gravity. this is who i am today but tomorrow i'm a different person. i thread on dangerous waters just to feel alive. don't be too quick to pity my existence because my story is as much yours, you just haven't read this chapter. ignorance is bliss because reality is a bitch. fuck intelligence because your thought is worth two cents. even though thought is cheap, i wouldn't take it even if you handed it to me for free. so take your intelligently dull conversation to someone who cares. nowadays, everyone puts up something random and calls it art. if art means having flies come out of your pussy (see: cremaster by matthew barney), i'm raising a white flag adjacent to the ground.

ok. done.

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izaree said...

can i have lunch with you? i would like to eat yr brains so i can be smarter.