Thursday, April 24, 2008


They walk together like a herd of cows, waiting to fed with styrofoam platefuls of green grasses.
They walk together led by the same intentions.
They walk the same paths and fall the same falls.

They have the same unanswered questions.
Questions that defy gravity.

The human mind cannot fathom what is beyond the norm.
For what the mind can't do, the heart can. This was the sole reason Arlette kept on keeping on.

Reality forces many to compromise dreams for the sake of being practical. One dream after another goes by. Your dreams collect dust and become skeletons in your closet. When Arlette stopped chasing her dreams, she realized that knew no longer knew what she wanted out of life.

When she stopped listening to her heart, she began listening to shadows, inviting her to embody its soulless existence. Arlette danced with the devil and embraced the empty spaces. She stopped wishing for light, like the deserts no longer wished for rain.

Kill noise. Kill talk. Kill everyone.
After all, silence can be so comfortably deafening in comparison to mindless bitter banters. Arlette started waiting on her life like a cancer patient waiting death. Engaging in life's shenanigans will only leave you facing death with a shitload of sins. There isn't much difference in calling it quits. Go ahead, file for divorce with this bitch.

The weatherman was wrong. The drought ended tonight. Drip drop teardrop. Let it rain. Let it thunder. This ship has sailed and sunk.

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