Tuesday, April 8, 2008


maybe its the night.
maybe its the moonlight.
maybe its the lack of stars thats painting the sky.
maybe its the constant humidity thats causing me to sweat profusely.
but whatever it is, "it" has got me feeling appreciative for the little things, which is something i haven't felt in a very long time.

its funny how you take things for granted and then you realize that what's right in front of you this entire time, is all that you have hoped for. it doesn't just come from one person who many of us so often mistaken as our other halves. it comes from the many little things, which really make up everything. we were never halves in the first place.

and i'm so thankful for tonight and the many yesterdays responsible for this. you can put your heart and soul into something that you really want but the world conspires to give you what you need. all curses are hidden blessings waiting to reveal itself in due time.

thank you.

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