Tuesday, May 13, 2008

first taste

What's cooking?

Fiona Apple is back on repeat on my playlist. I simply adore Fiona Apple for her immense intensity and wonderfully melancholic lyrics. I know that Across The Universe is an original by The Beatles, but she borrowed it from John Lennon, gave it a few alterations and made it totally hers. I've heard several other versions like Rufus Wainwright's but nothing beats her version.

I just came back from lunch and my tummy is happy, which means that I'm happy. This is the simple maths of happiness. It is without wonder that "IT girls" lead such messy lives because they deprive themselves of glorious delicious sumptuous heavenly food.

Work has been breezy only because the actual course hasn't begun although I'm already one month old on the job. I'm still being trained and coached, so I just sit around, disengage my brain, pretend to read or listen with periodic headnods and some dumb expressions.

Why do some people spend so much effort trying to look and act smart? It is human nature to screw up. Since we were born stupid, just fucking deal with it already.

Then, we have those people who call others stupid like intelligence gives them some kind of superiority and maps them higher than the rest of us. I'm so sorry that you need to call people stupid because it gives you a very intangible security to dispose of your self-esteem issues, insecurities and insignificance.

Stop overstating intelligence and start making sense!

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