Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i wonder

Does it sadden me as much as it saddens you that our greatest achievement would be a life partner and some kids?

How do you forsake your dreams for the sake of something so regular?

What does monogamy mean? A loveless life when all social contacts are lost and you make children for the sake of substantiating your existence? Is love all its made out to be?

We don't fight great wars. The biggest battle we know is the emotional tension we feel because we have that much of a surplus in our lives. We don't face real problems. We face some irrevelant BGR shit and we'd never be any part of what's written in the monumental historic books.

Yes, we are suckers for love. Was it that boy band shit that made us such sentimental bastards? Well, backstreet boys really had me when they said that love was fucking all that I had to give.

I guess we get so caught up and we conform to such fucking abnormal normalities. We might as well bleed just to know we're alive.

And you say suicide was meant for cowards? Suicide is the most courageous thing I've heard of since world war 2. You forsake every teardrop of joy and sadness, and every inch of happiness for an empty canvas that has been glorified by unverified scriptures, saying that you'll burn in an abyss of nothingness if you decide such a path for yourself.

We're all fucking cowards. The difference between you and I is the fucking distance you're willing to travel to how fucking cowardly you'd admit yourself to be. I guess this is a social suicide and that makes me more fucking courageous than you'll ever be.

What's your greatest war?

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