Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the ice is getting thinner

I just watched Gossip Girl's season finale. How scandalous are the lives of Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen! I know how much of a chick-lit the books are but the drama is so addictive. I'm usually not one for chick lits but the hopeless romantic in me craves such emotional rides.

I am a closet fan of Josh Schwartz's the OC. I know how most "intelligent" people mock it and I can understand the anti-hedonistic reasons. In actuality, I am but a girl who craves fabulousity. Really, who doesn't? You'd be lying through your teeth if you said that you aren't seduced to the glamour of it all.

I can't believe how Dan Humpfrey cheated on Serena. I guess moral compasses aren't the most reliable inventions. The only thing in this world that you can trust is that shit happens. If you're thinking that you have a blessing in disguise, the curse takes too long to reveal itself as a blessing.

So, embrace your curses and find a convenient excuse when it turns out to be a blessing.

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