Monday, May 5, 2008

internet killed the radio star

If not for the dope tunage from somaFM, I would have gone bonkers and run around the office howling like a mohican because I am that mind-numbingly bored. Cliqhop and Groovesalad quite does it for me, the music isn't disruptive to the massive reading I'm made to do at work.

I watched The Iron Man last Saturday. I enjoyed it very much. It was one of the better superhero comic movies. Robert Downey Jr is still schmoking hot. I first laid eyes on his pretty ass when he played Ally Mcbeal's boyfriend. Gosh, he was a god. He's an older god now. Anyways...... you wouldn't be disappointed with The Iron Man for it is witty, action-packed and quite entertaining.

I remember back in the days (If you're young, you don't say things like "back in the days") when I had The Iron Man sticker at the back of my phone because I liked Ghostface Killah. The phone had a sad life, its life ended in the dumpster amidst lizards, cockroaches and super duper flies.

Hokeh. I've gibbered quite abit. Gibberoni.

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