Monday, May 26, 2008

my mind gently weeps

Good Mourning.

I am so bloody sleepy. I was so tempted to skip work for sleep that I can never get enough of. By some mini-miracle, I dragged myself to work and now I am contemplating on getting a surgery to permanently sew my eyelids onto my eyebrows because they weigh a tonne, I can hardly open my eyes.

If someone wanted to decapitate me, I might actually agree and ask to feed what's left of me to the dogs. The way it is now, I already feel like my head is detached from my blob of a body.

Cross my heart and hope to die. Like, literally.

Lets talk about something else to distract me from ironing out the details of an actual decapitation.

Some centuries ago, this aged lady watched Ayat Ayat Cinta. The movie takes a refreshing stance on love and religion. It was the most meaningful movie I've seen since a very long time ago. The story depicts two perspectives of love; the first being the obsessive possessive compulsive love we know today and the second being the love that nurtures and embraces, without elements of control and possession. I feel that this is very important and needed in today's context.

Our neighbours across the causeway makes so many half-cooked movies, none having the relevance and impact of our Indon neighbours. The only ones that I really like are by Yasmin Ahmad, who is easily the best director in the region. Slapstick is funny but it becomes a bloody annoyance when you do it a thousand times over.

And now, I got work to do. All's well ends well, says the bloody fool who was never deprived of sleep.

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