Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the incredible bulk


Did you watch The Incredible Hulk? (I'm secretly expecting a unison "YES" at this point)

I am incredibly biased when it comes to anything that features the yummy Edward Norton. I didn't watch the first Hulk movie so I'm in no place to make a comparison.

The Incredible Hulk was abit too action-packed for my taste, which is to be expected since it is a superhero movie. I'm usually not exhilirated by the simulation of things in hypermotion. I enjoy brains without the brawn, but the movie was decently entertaining.

Plus, how smoldering hot is Edward Norton! If Ishmael has a permanent chick of the month, Edward Norton is my permanent rooster. He is the ice-cream to ice-cream cake, the cheese to my mac and cheese, the whipped cream to my vanilla ice blended and last but not least, the curry to my prata.

How did I single-handedly turn this post into something that reveals my insane dietary habits. God, I'm psychotic! Cage me in with Edward Norton already.

On that cue, I realize how I've reduced my years of "supposed" wisdom and experience into a whiny 16 year old teenage girl. Let's not get any ideas here. I am neither wise nor experience nor am I insinuating such.

I is childish, immature, silly and what have yous. (Why am I getting so defensive! My inner workings are as big a mystery to me as it is to you)

Jason Mraz and Death Cab are performing in Singapore in August. My hopes and dreams will be fulfilled. I will satisfy my reason for living and justify my entire existence. If I get shot in September, I will die happy and in hell. Ok, not funny.

If I get shot in September. Sounds like a catchy title to some mega hit. IDEA!

Ok bye.

Yours Truly
Bulk Bogan