Friday, July 18, 2008

some men just want to watch the world burn

It's 12 midnight. Blogging at this hour, when the sky looks dim, does not make much sense especially if you fall in the category of office-hours-slaving-corporate-zombies.

My sole excuse is that I just had to tell you how fantastic "The Dark Knight" was. It was totally off the hook.

I've never paid much attention to the late Heath Ledger and the only movie I saw him in was "Brokeback Mountain", which I felt wasn't worth all that hype (not that I'm a closet homophobe). He played the Joker brilliantly and I felt completely drawn to the character. The Joker was not just some pathetic sentimental fool who lost a loved one and decided to go against the world. He was an anarchist villain who had a purpose; he went against the system by breaking order and creating chaos. Anarchy would lead to a society without a coercive state.

The Joker has nothing and loses nothing, thus making him the perfect criminal. He reduces Harvey Dent, who initially was an inspiring and hopeful figure, into a mad man who embraces chaos. Thus, proving his point that it just takes a little push for any man to go into madness since Harvey Dent, who was considered a white knight, was fallible. The only morality in a cruel world is chance. Word the two-face mother.

If society had a white knight who gave them hope that there is good left in this world and that same knight turned evil overnight, all hopes will be shattered and society will be pulled into cynicism. This is modus operandi for the Joker.

Batman, being batman, saves the day and takes the blame for all the killing by Harvey Dent so that his good efforts will not go to waste. In the end, that small sacrifice made all the difference.

I am sooooo for unorthodox heroes! Plus, the wear and tear of time looks good on Christian Bale. I think the Joker will make good friends with V from V for Vendetta, since they both like to blow up shit and share somewhat similar ideologies. The grave for the Joker and the Crow would be good side by side since both actors share the same fate, which is quite ironic for two white face painted characters.

Ok. Schleepy. Good night.

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