Monday, July 7, 2008

antsy pants


How was your weekend? The only right answer to this question is that it's too short.

By some miracle, an intricate constellation and a somewhat fickle fate and destiny, I can afford a few minutes off work to type this very unimportant message that will not change your life.

My Friday was spent with the xs peeps at Blu Jaz. Thats four words spelt incorrectly in a sentence. My engrish has never been better. If you're a bad speller, when someone tells you you're wrong, just say that it's a noun and you'll get away with it. Anyway, this is beside the point. I had a few too many drinks and I became the chirpiest nutter. I woke up recounting a time-warped puzzle, piecing together the words and actions that I would have kept in a closet. I must keep a mental note that alcohol does aplenty things like rob you off your social guard.

On Saturday, I went to a show at The Arts House and I must say that I especially like MC Ragtop's set. Very revolutionary. The crowd was quite happening, unlike the show "the happening" (tell you about it later). Afterwards, we went to SUP's opening but didn't stay long because we were hungry. A hungry Azarene is an angry Azarene. Dispose of all your life's principles because the most important thing you need to obey in life is your stomach. When you let your stomach rumble, you'll grumble.

How is a war civil? Civil war is a funny term. I've never experienced war but I'm sure it ain't civil.

Ok. Enough rambling.


Narayumi Higashikuni said...

plus game heartattack and more diseases yg berkenaan dgn ye.. was damn HILLARIOUS!

adrenalene.xs said...

hehe, yes it was. next time kiter main saboteur, set? the game i thought you to play several weeks ago.

tu game treacherous seh