Tuesday, August 12, 2008

fuck you very much

Oh no, this is not another harbouring-hate post. This is the title of Lily Allen's latest single which is pretty fucking brilliant. I dig happy tunage with spiteful lyrics because its an oxymoron. I am the very essence of the last two syllables of the word "oxymoron". You can listen to it below and ignore the unnecessary moving images of Lily Allen cos this is not the official video, yo!

I am back from KL and I did much damage to the diminishing numbers in my bank account. Retail therapy is like a temporary remedy for happiness for the insecure bastard children of the world. How un-therapeutic.

To burn a bigger hole to a pocket that is barely existing, Kanye is performing in Singapore in September. Damn, yeezy yeezy, you don't know us no more.

There goes my dough : yeezy come, yeezy go.


Radya Wong said...

dude! how was KL? let me know! :)

adrenalene.xs said...

kl was good and i did tonnes of shopping.

we stayed at a friend's place. free accomodation!

and and and i bought a pretty pretty juicy couture wallet for 30% off, which is quite a good deal, since they don't even have the outlet in sg.

i didn't get anything xept for the very delicious air mata kucing at petaling tho.

food there is heavenly divine.

catch up more on msn k! <3