Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the joker - a tribute

I have a few dollars to burn. Can I buy some time from you?

I have forgotten my name because it became unimportant. When you bid good riddance to your insecurities and instilled beliefs, your name is just a trivial matter that doesn't define your identity. It's weird how people confuse identity for a name and a few digits. For reference sake, you can call me the joker.

I'm not all that funny but damn right, I'm a bloody bad joke. Ironically, I am also the embodiment of the freedom that you intangibly feel from time to time. The difference between you and I is that I don't drift in my own ideals and rationalize the status quo like a prostitute robbed of her own freewill.

Before, my body was trapped in a cage but my mind found an inner key to a door that marked my friendship with these inner demons. Lets just say my dear pals unleashed the inner depths of the mind which Da Vinci didn't have time to venture.

I am the epitome of actualised individualism and you call me a fucking nightmare. You people are a funny bunch but you call me the joker.

I believe in a society based on mutual respect and logic. There are many differences between my cape crusader friend and I, but I respect him for being the unorthodox hero and standing up for what he believes in, even if it seems like he's fighting a lost cause. You can be a clown, a sheep or a grasshopper. I'd still respect proper.

It seems that life as an extension of art, with no masters, no slaves no walls, is just too fucking poetic. So, we must destroy in order to rebuild. I used to be like you, bogged down by chains but I've mastered the art of self-destruction. Now, I wear the world on my sleeve. What do you wear on yours?

Stop being so scared shitless all the fucking time. What are you afraid of? Change? I make and break change.

Come minions. It is time to make superior changes in your minute lives.


Zul said...

Word on the street, the joker is looking for you for a partner to create chaos..

adrenalene.xs said...

kau klakarr ah!