Wednesday, August 20, 2008


hello myself because i am super psychotic and love psychobabbling because its fun when everything seems to mean nothing when it really means everything life is like a dream i am rolling down hills like indians but with more tasteful songs and people play board games because they are bored and now i am bored so i waste your time and write in superlong sentences without punctuations until your tyre punctures and it gets irritating when people do this i know but i am also irritating so ya lor like i care but its funny and peculiar how i seem to care about all these things that i act like i dont care about and sweating about the small stuff like a kid made to wait out recess time in the blazing sun then you blame him for smelling like a swine when you are the real bloody beasty swine and you act all civilised with your black suits that conceal all your fats and insecurities hot angry and hungry does not make jane a happy girl moreover shes standing in the sun all alone if got friends maybe she wont feel so bad can make small talk to distract the fact that the sun is scorching and melting her like ice-cream i hate small talk because i like to talk big like a pompous ass who stands upright and lives deadstill i like how these thoughts connect and disconnect hate is a strong and stupid word because it is dominated by a single emotion and doesn’t consider circumstances i hate many things like the sun cos its super hot and i so dont understand people who wants to go for a tan in singapore because you like live so near the equator everyday is a tanning day lor its like deliberately asking for skin cancer or some infectious disease uv rays are super evil and im on a super ranting rampage better stop ok thank you if you managed to read till here you deserve a super big hug like superrrr lor smell you later

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Zul said...

let's try reading that sentence in one breath :)