Sunday, September 28, 2008

a jason a day keeps your woes away

My instinct tells me that this will be a long and draggy post. Cross your heart and hope to die, literally.

If you're a reader of this blog, you would know that my posts are as inconsistent as my emotional stability. I write what I like and how I feel. There are darker and lighter sides, both of which remains an open book.

I love my life in its entirety. I love my vices because they are a part of who I am and the mess I'm in. I like that life is an array of colours, and never different tones of grey. I love that you love and hate me because I do too.

I am an idiot.
I am an imbecile.
I am silly.
I make mistakes.
I am an incredible mess.
And that's really okay.

I accept the dirt, the silliness, the irony, the incorrect grammar, the awkward phrasing, the coincidences, the questions because no good can come out of battling things you have no control or influence over.

There is a limitation to the human mind. We will never comprehend every single thing in the universe. One question will lead to another, and in effect, causing a continuous and vicious routine. We were never meant to understand the world. For what our frail minds do not understand, our hearts do.

Laughter is the best medicine. We should all go to clown school and be certified doctors. Yes, I am the anti-christ of all science, logic and chemistry.

I don't want to wait for life to happen. I work for a life, not a living. I will sing when I'm happy and cry when I'm sad. I will not be normal, I will not be different. I'll even contradict myself to eventually come to this again.

Forget about life and its formalities for a moment and remember to be in awe of the many beautiful things that we so often forget.

These two songs quite sums up everything.

I feel that I haven't done those songs any justice by putting it in a bullet list. Thus, this is a re-trial, attaching its utmost significance to me. Oh boy, his pretty voice and words effectively punches my heart and soul like a lucky douglas, then sweep me off my feet and takes me to that special place.



Fazli said...

i love your post. you make me emo. *big hug* :)

adrenalene.xs said...

hehe, thank u!

jaslene mraz

vitoxs said...

err. wong fei hong


damn right girl,i too am charmed just by hearing the melodic voice of his.and by the way he put his words together,it's better than magic.