Thursday, September 18, 2008

pierrot and friends

Sometimes, I wish I had invisible powers. I can jump, dance and do whatever because I am invisible and no one has to acknowledge my existence because people do not believe in what they do not see.

I would laugh, spit and mock you for forgetting to dance silly and making your small talk sound so serious. I am the piece of puzzle that doesn't quite fit, the piece of peace. Go ahead, trash talk so you can feel better about the word insecure that’s scribbled on your forehead.

Lucky for you, I carry my manners along with me, wherever I go, simply because mother said so. I didn't know there was a dangerously rising trend for people to leave their manners at home. Maybe they were afraid people were going to steal their manners. What a world we live in! Ambiguous is as much rude as this gets.

I'm the clown who sits beside Pierrot, dressed whimsically, dancing, playing, ranting and raving. You're the jealous dude who's laughing at me, at us, because the small mind does not allow much room for understanding. Amusing your meagre minuscule mind is after all part of my job description as a clown.

I think you should grow an imagination, instead of leaving your mind cooped up in the constricts of a kotak! Then after, you can consider growing a brain, which is figuratively possible since now you have an imagination. Maybe after that, you will stop interacting with me to rob my patterns of thought. Go find your own pattern instead of falling into one.

Life is a huge patchwork canvas sewn together by thoughts, actions, memories and words. Time for you to dip your feet in and make your own mess. If it doesn't turn out to be beautiful, that's alright. You can find comfort in knowing that you are the master of your own universe, sounds like a pretty good consolation.

Sing with me, scat if you don't know the words. Even Hitler was a clown! Have you seen his moustache that's so centrally placed? And the funny-pasted-to-your-head hair. Confirm!

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