Sunday, September 14, 2008

it's so cold in the D!


Yesternight, after leaving home club, I saw a woman get mugged on Hong Kong St. This shady black guy (dah lah hitam, shady pula tu) crept up behind this chinese couple and snatched the woman's bag.

The chinese couple looked rather dumbfounded, which I'm guessing is due to their lack of experience with being mugged. The black guy sprinted the dark alley and fell into the drain. That part was a tad funny. He got up hastily and continued running.

It was only then that the chinese couple began running after the black dude. They took quite a while to process the frenzy. Well, at least it finally dawned on them.

And I, I sat there looking and doing nothing, like a spectator. My years spent on the street were squandered on that short-lived moment. There goes my street cred.

Singapore is so ghetto, so hood! I think it's high time to play the best song and video in the world to commemorate this one-off event. Btw, best IN THE WORLD, OK!


Rae said...

Its so cold in the d! HAHAHAHAHA WACKEST OF THE WACK man. HAHA!

adrenalene.xs said...

it's all in a nigguh's mind!
tapi catchy tau.

Rae said...

haha true true. but i cant help but laugh at the part when she still decides to continue even when the beat doesnt synchronize. HAHA

adrenalene.xs said...

i know!!! so lepak.

Rae said...

HAHAHA. thats why!