Thursday, November 13, 2008

Change has scum

Ok. So, change has come and Obama is officially the most powerful man in the world.

Suddenly, a surge of people who know jackshit about monetary and fiscal policy have opinions about politics. Who cares what you're doing it for? Just hop on the bandwagon and take the journey as it comes. After all, it is ALL about the journey and not the destination. You must be lost in order to be found, right?

Yes, he's black and every celebrity I know is an avid follower. I know too many of you who try so hard to be different. Out of the thick blue, you step out of your kotak and buy into all that hype.

Like, hello! Did you forget to play the part of a being carved out from a mightier finer piece of cloth, unlike the rest of us.

Oh, the hypocrites of mediocrity.

Seriously, how do you care about something you know nothing about? That sounds just as ridiculous as the notion of love at first sight. If love at first sight was possible, I would have eloped a thousand times over for the many gorgeous people I've laid eyes on. Laid. All puns intended.

If your expertise in politics so far has been in the constricts of a stinky toilet, gossiping about how imperfect others are, you have found your niche and should stay there. Last I heard was that you're non-American and have no voting rights. Your time to change the world is not today.

It's true that we should care because whatever happens to America, happens to the rest of us. This is a serious matter that will affect the fruit of our loins and groins, our jobs, our economy, our monetary etc. But if you don't know the difference between democrats and republicans, don't come talking to others about politics okay?

My frustration doesn't have anything to do with Obama but more on the superficiality people base their decisions on. I will stand for what I believe in and for good reasons. You really should too.

Change is loose prostitute. If you want change, go to the hoods of Geylang.


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LO mother-effing L lor

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marah nampak

"change is a loose prostitute"