Friday, November 21, 2008

ms paint it!

I've been feeling under the weather. If only the purchase of an umbrella was an appropriate prescription, I would gladly purchase ten and create a tentage as a substitute for my immune system. It never fails to amaze me how much liquid can come out from a small nose.

I blame all this on my impulsive shopping riot in kl the past few days. That's right, a riot patrolled by my finite cashflow and impractical sense. I'm the least disciplined person when it comes to money because I have no strategic plans and live for the here and now.

Apparently, this is a foolish way to live because when a rainy day comes, I would be most vulnerable.

If I embrace the logic of saving for a rainy day, it only means that I am expecting life to take a wrong turn. There are no wrong roads. There are roads that take you longer to reach to your destination and shorter ones. Ahah, this sounds like optimism and unlike me.

My economics lecturer taught me the time value of money; present value is always worth more than future value. Thus, you should invest the money you have now. You need to save money to be able to invest. He forgot to measure the opportunity cost of forgoing what you want now (because you need to save) for the sake of a fallible future.

Education should be well-rounded. It shouldn't be called education if your takeaway has no practical implications in life. Ok, now I do the math with the help of microsoft paint!

Our society puts too much emphasis on education. It is not true that you will fail miserably in life if you fail a grade. I remember coming home scared shitless after receiving my report card. It's weird we have subliminally taught generations how a grade can dictate your freedom.
Ok. I lazy to talk some more cos I hungry. I shall end this by saying....

...I am the dictator of microsoft paint!


Rae said...

WOW. ur the greatest artist ever. cn i buy ur art work?

Radya Wong said...

yes, you are! i am amazed at what you can draw on microsoft paint!!

adrenalene.xs said...

awwwww... thanks you guyss! <3