Sunday, November 2, 2008

shabba doo


How was your weekend? Mine was accompanied with the usual suspects which wasn't so unusual. It was great :)

We didn't do anything special for Halloween because effort is unheard of, to us at least. Friday saw us watching a movie and having dinner at the coffee shop in Youth Park. We went to Lido in the after hours, sang at top of our lungs, and danced some very questionable moves.

I shopped for hats on Saturday and had dinner at Youth Park again. The food there is fabulous. We went to a dark playground somewhere near Old School but there were too many ants eager to be all up in our pants. After some great discomfort, we headed to NIE to kick back. Pictures!

Despite my constant loathing with the sun, I am in the mood for an adventure. I wish I were a sailor, inconstant like the moon, endlessly lost and not quite hoping to be found. I want to dip my feet in the ocean, sail a boat, jump into a river and resign from the day inside a hut for some more laughs with great friends. I have mentally pictured packing my bag with the necessities and 4 hats to weather the week.

I know you've heard me utter the name Jason Mraz one too many times, it makes you sick to your stomach. I adore that man because he is the single representation of the freedom I've searched and never found in an abyss of good and bad intentions. He amazes with such simplicity which reminds me that life is like a big dream and if you sleep your days away, you might just wake up to a void of emptiness. Such a lack of colour scares my being shitless. And here's to feeling better.

Peace in the middle east!

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