Tuesday, December 23, 2008

adieu, you.

Hello friends.

Time is closing in and bidding adieu to 2008.

I've always held the belief that the new year shouldn't be celebratory. It seems a bit sad that we need to glorify little details such as the change in the last digit of a year just to make our lives a little more exciting.

I'd like to believe that life should be measured in moments, and not minutes. Thus, time for change shouldn't be marked with the turn of a digit.

Recently, I've started believing otherwise. We can all do with elevating ourselves and time is a good mark for change. After all, every story has a beginning and an ending. Our lives are made of a million little stories, each a piece of puzzle shedding clues to the bigger picture.

Before I embrace new beginnings, I, as a collector of all things skeletons and artifacts, must habitually reside in the past before presiding the future.

2008 saw me through numerous things.
I was jobless for months.
I gained some weight.
I re-decorated my room.
I sat the final exam paper of my life.
I received my second upper class honours.
I found a new job.
I moved away from the self-destruction i've held on to for so long in turn for self-tolerance.
I've tried to avoid silly hate, albeit half successful.
I lost many friends but made a few good ones.
I rekindled with some.
I danced my weekends silly.
I managed to reduce insane shopping habits and learnt thrift shopping.
I fell out with my mum.
I am trying to brainwash myself into thinking that the universe will conspire with me, giving me what i need instead of what i want.
I fell in love with Jason Mraz's music.
And the rest is history.

There. A few rocks among some gems. I want to be a better person and I may be taking baby steps but eventually, i'll six step across the seven seas. Promise!

And now, for the resolutions with no solutions...
I want to be patient.
I would like to dismiss silly hate entirely. All hate is silly.
I want to travel more.
I want to love more.
I want to be a better listener.

Oh, and I just received the best news of 2008.


I know I will be standing in front screaming my head off and smiling silly like a little girl who just had her fairy tale come true. Cuhrayzee but true! I've confirmed all my colleagues' doubt about my insanity when I found out this morning and started raving like a teenage girl.

Here's a pretty picture of the wise, silly and talented Jason Mraz, which also happens to be my phone wallpaper.

And err, if you think it's ripe time I should be over Jason Mraz, I think you have too little in your life to bother about me and my little shenanigans. I don't owe anyone any reason for the things I'm passionate about.

You're just a trend, a fad, a phase. You'll be over in about a week or two, till the next new craze. I'm not quite sure what that does for your identity. But that's ok, time will provide you an opportunity to grow up or just GROW A PAIR.

Ciao Bella!

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