Wednesday, December 3, 2008

kerang layu boys

Here are the KL photos.
Not featured in chronological order.
Ok go.

His name is Jenny Genitals

They are the longkang people
The compulsory KL Towers photo.

Baru habis minta derma mata kiri from tha supakid
Muka tak macam buruk
Oh, Rae pun ikut gi KL eh? Best seh
I'm so not pimping my ride with these buck tooth boys
Cha, Nau and Rau.
Muka tak macam baru bangun pagi
Misfits of the 21st century
Yo members KL
Mat Mehsia
Boy Bandar
Tgh dengar intently ni
Loser Couture
My favourite loser pose

This is art, or so they call it
The kebab boys
Perut tak macam sama
How happy? Eat pizza happy!
Makan dabis, kiter sedih
Even gays need hugs
Danau Kota Boys
Chick or Chicken?
Bunga takut dengan boy
The Centric Boy
Boys licks road, grows a tree on the head and goes to asylum

Orang tak kenal mintak amek gambar send kat
.my lah!!!


Shereen said...

yupdate dah!!

adrenalene.xs said...

hehe, i will post our rapper video with the "hot chick shaking her booty"

tapiiii hot chick tu takut street cred jatuh!