Wednesday, December 3, 2008

space and time

I don't see how some people fail miserably at the concept of personal space.

What is personal space? I am referring to the physical distance you stand away from people so that they remain comfortable around you. The quantifiable term is at least 8-10 cm circumference away from the body and not being all up in another person's face.

I've had the displeasure of several ugly occasions when I commute to work in the mornings. This morning, there was this woman standing at the door reading a book in the train. Not considering that trains are most crowded at that hour, she refuses to move in to make way for other passengers and paves extensive space for her book.

Then, there are some who start using your shoulders as a book holder or initiate a "poking" game with you with the top spine of their book. My shoulder does not bear a tattoo that shouts "reading area" or "the fucking library". There's no harm in reading when you commute, as long as I do not become your book holder. Do I look like a fucking book shelf to you? If you want to poke me, find me on facebook and go crazy with "superpoke". Don't poke me literally.

The sheer literary insanity!

I like reading, but please take your uncivilised habits to an appropriate space and time. Its weird how people try to elevate themselves with books but cannot fathom common courtesy. Why even bother? You have fancy phones, nice clothes, expensive bags but your ways are very cavemen. It's sort of defeating the purpose.

Times like these, I wish I was the morning apek with the shirt drenched in sweat. It works wonders since it repels and repulses buggers like you.

Ok. Tripped and ran-t.

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