Monday, January 12, 2009

eye funny

Long time no hello.

I've been dancing away with the wind in mini-adventures. The past month has been quite eventful and I had much fun.

I should really learn better photo organisation skills. I have with me a clutter of pictures from Batam, new year's, my birthday cookout, zul's birthday outing at the zoo and Kanye's concert.

And now, for more eye funny and less eye candy.

Ain't no cliff, mountain nor hill high enough
Ala ala sir stamford raffles, batam style
I really went to Mauritius, not Batam
The creep who creeps between two people
Makan Time
Why would I take a picture of a skinny tree at night? Art is a convenient excuse for behaviour that defies reason.
Before I put my face on
Ghetto or what. I was hustling the streets.
Guitar and groupies
Jaslene Mraz.....riteeeeee.
This is home.
No place like home
New year's at Costa Sands
Laptop DJ
Yeendian... I put on my sari for SG
Lene and Lynn
Thanks Kenji for that priceless expression
Wah. I got a true bromance for my people who breakdance
The Cookout
Man with trunks of all shapes and sizes
We so G.
Threesome or what

Don't feed the monkey i.e. me
A decent picture... (boring!)
Waiting for Kanye and trigger happy
The Crowd
Bless ke sheereen?
That's all folks.

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