Friday, January 23, 2009

thick as thieves

Dear blog,

I'm sorry that I've neglected you for some time now. Instead of showering you with much angst and sarcasm, I've made little effort to communicate with you. I tried to make it up to you by posting some pictures about my whereabouts and more mrant about mrazz.

I'm also sorry that I've been so boring. Happy people tend to be numbskulled. Operative word being "tend", before you decide to take offence.

The truth is I'm happy enough now. Another truth is that I've been keeping another blog which shall forever remain behind urls.

I was thick as thieves with being so negative, I could write it so much better. I've only been acquainted with you, being optimism, for a shorter time. I've always had some reservations about placing myself and optimism in a single sentence.

Please excuse me when I refer to optimism as a third party instead of a noun. How can optimism be a noun? It is too big and important to be referred to as an object. Thus, I'm breathing my histories into optimism and turning it into an entity.

I want so much to tell you how much Iove I feel. Yes, love. Sadly, it is a joy that I have little experience with sharing and suck so bad at trying to impart. Love. It is diverse, has many names and is everywhere if you choose it find it.

I shall not speak further at the risk of sounding like a self-help book. No one likes a preacher. I should know so well.

If referring to optimism as a third party hasn't quite convinced you of my insanity, I'm sure writing a love message to my own blog will do the trick.


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