Thursday, February 5, 2009


I would like to share with you on how I've been spending my free time.

The game is called "Bookminton" and it is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Bookminton is aptly named after its parent game, Badminton. We initially started using books instead of badminton rackets. We learned from time and experience that a book tends to be too heavy and lacks the surface area to substitute a real racket.

After much controversial deep heated discussions, endless hours of meditation and self-mutilation, we have decided that files would make a better substitute for the badminton rackets. A hard-cover file has enough surface area and is very light. Thus, making it the right substitute, giving you speed and flexibility.

Cheh. Speed and flexibility konon.

The rules of Badminton applies to Bookminton. The differences are

1) The playing area is smaller
2) There is no physical net. However, the shuttlecock is expected to pass a certain height to ensure that players are given a fair chance to hit it. This height is up to a player's discretion
3) Since the surface area is smaller, bouncing of the shuttlecock like a chapteh is allowed so that a player can show his/her finesse

Clearly, renaming Bookminton to Fileminton just sounds silly. Besides, Bookminton sounds way cooler for our street cred, if we have any.

Bookminton overcomes obvious problems of Badminton. It is faster, thus more exciting. You do not have to go through the trouble of booking a court. The smaller playing area means that it is more resistant to wind. Your void deck is actually a suitable location for Bookminton. A hard-cover file is definitely cheaper than a badminton racket and it is widely available.

For $3, you can have cruel fun to kill time. Get your ass of your seat and visit your local stationery store for some mean good times TODAY!

Remember to respect your shuttlecock!
Throw your high fives in aiiiiir like you just don't carrrre!

Your friendly neighbourhood bookminton player,


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