Thursday, February 5, 2009

i am a pimp(le)

I am having a breakout. Bloody hell!

I have 7 fully-grown pimples, 2 in infant stage, and tens of thousands of black dots/ scars all over my motherfucking face!

Sad to say, my face is like a storybook with many fullstops and less words.
Convenient to say, Halloween will be easy-peasy this year since I can write between the fullstops and be a storybook.
Inexpensive. And errr, way to be a writer!

Why I need to announce this to the world is a pandora's box on its own.

Perhaps I'm just one of you non-conformists who just NEED to defy everything.

Who in the right mind would choose plain old boring sense over NON-SENSE?
Sorry. I nonsense againnnnn. I just wasted 2 of your precious minutes for a message that will not change your life.

I think this calls for a celebratory dance. Ok shoo, go watch.

Some people have real problems. Fortunately, my problems are mostly virtual.

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