Friday, February 27, 2009


If I were Frank, I'd tell you that the only way you can possibly captivate attention by not compromising yourself is to be a full-time whore.

You already dress the part so convincingly. Besides, I'm sure you'd rather preserve your few brain cells to worrying about clothes, how big your nose is, and the colour of your hair.

I know girls like you. Girls that laugh too loud, talk like the whole world needs to know, obsess about boys, your need to be diff and thats all. The problem is that is all.

Btw, your underarm is pungent. They scare the living shit out of the germs that inhibit there. I'm not sure how stringent pimps are when interviewing potential pros. Better get a deodorant to solve your life's problems.

Lucky for you, i'm not Frank. I'm just plain old me so i'll say GATALNYE POMPUAN NI DAH LAH BUSUK