Saturday, March 28, 2009

a day, a decade later

Tagged by ping... i'm a sucker for these things. So, imagine your life for one day, a decade from today. This is my version .. Expect impracticality and nothing less.

7am - still sleeping

8am - wake up to the sounds of birds and bees, instead of an annoying alarm clock. no need to snooze because sleep is something i get enough of. husband wakes up with a smile and we do three rounds of rock paper scissors to see who gets to shower first. i lose happily and shower later.

9am - seeing that i am up and awake, my children, like servants, are auto-triggered to greet me good morning and routinely surprise me with breakfast. we sit on the front porch which overlooks a cool ass beach and play board games while having breakfast.

10am - work is a 5-minute drive and there is hardly traffic. we see friendly faces and everyone is just having a ball of a time. actually, i'm thinking about taking a magic flying carpet to work but that's stranger than fiction. so nevermind. i own a cash cow and i'm not actually required at the office because my genius idea has already been set in motion. i pimp about 10 self-sufficient people and they love their jobs so i'm just checking in to see how things are doing

11am - answer emails, chat on msn, read favourite blogs, listen to fav music

12pm - lunchtime. work also ends at 12. actually, i don't call it work because it is something that i love. i meet good friends and we dine at a little corner down the street that serves delicacies from all over the world. because everything in the world is fabulous, the chef decides to give us 50% discount. everything is a good laugh and life is a happy song.

1pm - my husband picks me up and takes my kids from school and we go to a museum where exhibits can be touched and played with.

3pm - the trip was educational and my children will grow up to be movers and shakers and i will thank my reproductive system. i drop my kids off at their doting grandma's and i spend some time with my old woman.

4pm - tea time with husband. we sit in a small cafe on a huge red sofa, talk to each other like the day has no end and fall in love all over again.

5pm - play badminton at our own court (YES!!!)/ go cycling/ take long walks

6pm - dinner magically appears, children magically comes home, friends magically come over, party magically begins

10pm - party magically cleans itself and we are dead beat from another day of fun and adventure (eh, which part got adventure?!)

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