Sunday, March 22, 2009

the queen that drags and spazzes

Have you watched Watchmen? I think it is fantastic. I love the conflicting ideologies and the potential of a much heated discussion about such stories.

I do not care for the graphic novel because I have not read it. It is quite unfair to compare a movie to a book because reality can never quite capture the essence of an imagination. So, go be cool on your own turf with your turd talk, bas-turd.

Friday saw us watching Kumar : Stripped Bare and Standing Up and N.E.R.D.

Kumar was hilarious with his local context jokes. There is nothing more entertaining than a dragqueen doing stand up. We only decided on N.E.R.D five minutes before the show. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The glorified mat i.e. Pharrell shopped for 3 girls on stage, after the show, for his group consumption. How very convenient.

I love Kumar for being himself and nothing less. It reminds me that you should be real with yourself, regardless of bad weather or bad hair days/ years (see IC photo). I am annoyed when people around me feel the need to go against the grain and with such conviction.

Stop judging everyone for just one second because its obvious that you come equipped with your own set of dysfunctions. Drawing on another person's imperfection doesn't make you any more perfect. You can't please everyone and expect anyone to please you.

I don't care for your talent if your message is disarrayed. You weren't made to understand every damn thing that happened in this world. Son, you know not what you do so I forgive you.

Three paras of ambiguity and moving on.

We serenaded the night on Saturday and cycled from Pasir Ris to East Coast at the expense of our legs. It was all in good fun even though the moon was not in sight. I showed Lynn my anyhow dance but I didn't manage to persuade her to join me. I loveeee you still bff. Thanks for a great night!

So here I am, lazy on a Sunday and showing symptoms of a flu. I've searched high and low for my yellow pills but to no avail. I suspect it dissolved into thin air, just like my mind.

Thus far, this has been a futile attempt at a blog post. I'm all over the place. Ok bye.


izariak said...

the anyhow dance = 100% swag

adrenalene.xs said...

i fly like paper, get high like planes org cakap.