Monday, March 16, 2009


I'm a snooze schmooze machine.

I woke up late this morning, snoozed twenty times, counted to thirty, and made the grand entrance to the bathroom for a shower. Business as usual.

Anyway, I was talking to a friend and he was telling me about him being a 'morning person' while I was grieving about my mundane Monday morning misery. I learnt two fun facts. First, he is a morning person. Second, he feels like he is losing the day if he wakes up late.

If I wake up late, I just shrug it off and feel grateful for a few more minutes of sleep. Still got 'morning people' in this world meh? The morning train reeks of unfriendly faces and dead people. He is a rare and dying breed, I think.

I am a 'night person' (See cape crusader i.e. batman) and for good reasons. The night is mellow, has a prettier backdrop with cool moon that hangs from the sky. I can't exactly look directly at the sun without hurting my eyes, whereas the moon lets me appreciate her beauty without me going blind.

… which got me thinking that maybe I'm like the sun, upfront with my flaws and all but at the same time, I don't let you look at me directly. If you still choose to look, then you will get burned. That's a terrible truth but an accurate analogy. Ermm, you can minus the insinuation of infinite energy source. Come to think of it, the sun is more or less the mother in mother earth … and that makes me the bastard child.

On the weather and off the topic, when was the last you played in the rain? I've wanted to so badly but I know I'll fall ill (thanks to a weak immune system) and have to skip work. I'm so sick of being practical and refraining myself from doing the crazy things I love.

The very apt reason I share these irrelevant details is very simple - I am out of my motherloving mind bored.


Anonymous said...

there was this one time i was sitting in the rain at the amphitheatre in front of my blk cos i felt like it and from the corner of my eyes i saw a man standing at his door staring at me. and then i smiled to myself cos its funny. i think he freaked out. maybe you should accompany me next time. the heavier the rain, the more fun it is.

minus the lightning please. im terrified of lightnings. nanti hangus.

adrenalene.xs said...

U know the saying u cant get struck by lightning twice. Maybe we should take our chances and get it over and done with.

We might not be weathermen but we can be lightning striking!

Anonymous said...

last i heard lene, being lightning striking and being struck by lightning are two different things. i dont mind being the former. you can be the latter. LOL.

adrenalene.xs said...

alah. same names for different things!