Sunday, April 12, 2009


Work has been busy busy busy that I feel I might forget to breathe. I have a million things to do, ten stubby fingers and a teeny-weeny brain. The ratio of the science of things sure as hell is in my favour.

Weekends work wonders as a silver lining to a grey cloud. I mooned last night away and had a pretty good conversation with a pretty good friend.

A conversation is like a river that starts from a spring and encompasses no boundaries. Good conversations are made of honesty, opinions, laughter, silliness, sharing, and understanding. Intelligent conversations are made of pretentious creeps.

I'm not so real either. So, its okay lor. Banyak berbual aje macam kau, takes one to know the other.

I'm retreating to Tioman next week. I think I just might bring you along to overcome my fear of the water and its depth. You would come in handy as a float since you're pretty empty especially in the upper area also known as your head lah.

In any case, I will allow myself all the serious fun in the world (or just Tioman). Fun is the only thing worth being serious about, for real.

So, guards down, sun up, stomach out, suck it in.


Anonymous said...

is it just me or has your blog turned....white.......?

adrenalene.xs said...

it did it did. it morphed!

Anonymous said...

it's a white ranger now. it looks happier. and why the hell did i do the link thing in that comment? i think its cos my friend's blog cant comment anonymously. so retarded.