Monday, May 4, 2009

come what may

Sup friends

Today, I would like to announce to the world that I am suffering from ergophobia, along with my many other named, un-named, known and unknown disorders. I fret a working day, more so a Monday, to the point of mourning.

I was awoken by the thunder this morning to commemorate my mourning. How effing lovely. When you live your life like an open road, you let such coincidences bite you in the ass, out of bed, in the wee time. The thunder also scared the bejeesus out of me. Thanks la.

Keen to clear the mess in my head, I took it to overdrive on Saturday to literally cleaning the mess in my room. I ended up with 4 huge bags of clothes, 2 bags of handbags, and many other bags of junk. I changed my bedsheet, cleared the dust, cleaned the floor, wiped my toys. I feel very domesticated, like a fat orange housecat. Meeeeee-yaw. Ok, lame.

I also played in the heavy rain at 4am on Saturday. I Toca-ed the night way! I had little care for falling sick because practicality is like an old tired woman. Besides, I just had an episode of domestic practicality, I must bring back a balance to the force.

By the way, I bought a bicycle (because buying bicycles are a very by-the-way thing). I'm quite excited for the future misadventures with my new ride. I think I just made it sound as if I bought a car when I really bought a cheapo bike.

Well, I like my fab fabrics and fabrication the same way you secretly like the excessive drama in your life because it makes you a little more interesting.

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