Monday, May 18, 2009


My commute to work this morning wasn't such a joy ride.

Some girl decided to park herself beside me. I was standing on her right and she wrong-ed it by standing too close, our shoulders would brush. There was plenty of space on her left but hey there's no better way to greet a Monday morning than cramping my style.

I totally understand your need to brush yourself against me when the train is meat-packed. I'm not my best in the mornings and I wear a face that looks like its been to hell and back. Perhaps, that is the first clue that I'm not yearning for a stranger's touch.

I wanted so badly to ask the girl why she felt such a dire need to stand at such a close proximity to me when there is clearly space on her other side.

Was she not touched enough in her life? Maybe the only means she can afford comfort and warmth was in a stranger's touch. If so, please wear a tee that says "Unloved Child" so I know not to hate on you. Was she experimenting on her suspected homosexuality? Monday mornings are surely apt times for such experimentation.

Yes, today I am the axis of evil, the anti-christ etc. Whatevs.

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Anonymous said...

i share your sentiments.

last friday when i was trying to board the packed train in the morning this ANNOYING lady in front of me stepped in the tran and then turned and faced me. not even a step behind the door. when there was clearly space BEHIND her for her to move in just a little bit(and then some) so that i can BOARD the fucking train. but no, block my path why don't you, asswipe. if i hadn't managed to manoeuvre my way AROUND her fat body i would have given her the finger. right in front of her stupid face, and freeze in that position until the train moves.