Tuesday, May 26, 2009

into the wild

Based on a true story of the great adventures of Christopher McCandless, Into The Wild is a story of escapism made real in the 20th century. Christopher is brilliant young man in dire need of an adventure.

Upon graduation, Christopher leaves his worldly possessions in pursuit of self-realization. Past mishappenings played an important role in pushing him out of society and into nature where he would find truth in simplicity. He disregarded worldly possessions as a hygiene factor of society, gave his life's savings to charity, and burnt away his money.

His mission was to wander the wonders of Alaska. In that journey, he found friendship, joy and peace in strange places and most importantly, himself.

Into The Wild is the needful version of American Beauty, minus concrete consumerism. The cinematography is a sight for sore eyes - mountains, plains, sky, rivers, animals. Acoustics from Eddie Vedder enhances the experience, making this one of the movies that deserve remembrance.

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