Monday, May 25, 2009

love and troubadour



I'm super super super stoked because Jason Mraz will be bringing K'naan for some of his future shows. I've always thought they were both of different genres but the same theology.

Both with personal interpretations of the legendary Bob Marley and the highly-searched, rarely-found freedom. Two of my shining stars and the moon conspired to make the sky pretty effing perfect.

Man, I hope they do a collabo soon. That will be one for the times, that is if the world doesn't end 2012. I hope the Mayans just ran out of paper or ink instead of the advent speculation. But does it really matter when you know you've lived a pretty good life and made the best of the time you had.

I'm not sure if this is a new Mraz track but its new to my ears. The song is absotively posulute. Here's Try Try Try.

Try Try Try - Jason Mraz

My direction is up when everybody's down because I don't mind being anybody's clown. - Jason Mraz

I don't mind either.


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