Thursday, May 21, 2009

the motorstrophe

Life is a series of bell-shaped curves, forming a circle, going back to the start.

Last night, my bag was roadkilled.

Before this happened, I was happily singing like I was winning on the motorcycle. That happiness halted when my sling bag swung backwards on the highway and into the darkness.

Very aptly, I was singing the hook to K'naan's waving flag. Erm, more like waving bag.

The Happening
When adversaries do what they do, it often takes a few moments before you realise that shit just happened. I was in that moment briefly and in a subconscious inertia resisting the moment of truth.

The Realisation
…And then it hits me like a /me slaps you with a large trout on IRC that I have quite a few things in there namely

  • iPhone + earphones
  • iPod
  • Make Up etc
  • Staff Pass, EZ Link, ATM Card
  • $30 Cash
  • Keys
  • Internet Banking Device
  • Thumbdrive

The Anger
I was so out of it wondering the what could have beens and I was pretty fucking annoyed. I paced the road like a madman searching for his sanity only to find that it has been crushed into pieces. I ran against the traffic to gather the remnants and piece myself together.

The Aftermath
My ipod which contains 45GB worth of songs is destroyed. Goodbye Musery. I do not have a back up of these songs btw, FML.

My pressed powder and blusher enjoyed serious beatings on hard and fast-driven tyres until the brink of its existence.

My staff pass is gone with the wind.

The vintage horse hair bag looks catastropic. Goodbye man-e.

The iphone looks like its been scratched by a DJ Doomsday.

The Damage Control
Well, material things are material things. I shouldn't feel that much attachment to it, but I do. Perhaps, this accident happened to strip me of my worldly attachments.

Yay to one step closer to "the enlightened". Nay to the effort its going to take to do damage control.

I have to file a police report to replace my staff pass, replenish my make up supplies, get a new ipod. I will have to fork out $450 which I suspect will magically appear on my table when I do a hocus pocus.

I've sorta come to zen terms with this mishappening. All in all, one hell of a ride. God help the needy. Amen.

When I get older, I will be stronger
They’ll call me freedom
Just like a Waving Bag
And then it goes back


: : junkie newman : : said...

bacin jugak muka dia eh,
tapi suara dia sedap..

adrenalene.xs said...

tu pasal kahwin postponed till further notice.