Sunday, May 31, 2009

rodanm questions

1. In case of a fire you:
you break dance

2. If you see a dead cat on the road you:
run far far

3. When you see an aeroplane coming to crash into your house you:
decide to bungee jump for free!

4. In a fight,you:
run far far also

5. If you're bored you:

6. When you're in a relationship you:
go running to practice my run far far ways

7. In a relationship the most important thing is:
the 5 commandments - sex drugs alcohol rock and roll

8. If a person of the opposite sex told you they love you:
hug her with my legs. well, i am a man.

9. When you've lost the person you love, you:
literally get on grass and roll to the greener side.

10. In a jungle you:
scream like tarzan looking for jane

11. If you're alone & you see a person of the opposite sex crying alone you:
sit beside her and cry with her. the more the merrier

12. When in the night and you see a full moon, you:
feel happiness that cannot be contained which must be channeled into a funky dance

13. In life you:
must surrender

14. If you could be an animal what would it be?:
a fucking cow

15. When it's raining you:
jump at the chance of singing in the rain

16. In this world :
nothing is your fault. put the blame on akon

17. If you became a millionaire you:
resign and flee to the waters for permanency of my ocean worshiping days.

18. When you love someone what do u always think of?:
the way you shake it, i cant believe it. i have never seen an ass like that. . .you make my pee pee go boink boink boink

19. In the toilet you:
clean crap repeat

20. If you found out the person you love doesn't even like you:
do black magic

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