Thursday, May 14, 2009

time machine

Today, I dedicate a post to the malay latecomers of the world. We and our time-defying, alarm-snoozing habits, mind-puzzling seems to remain a mystery to the mediocre punctual man. Let me provide you the lowdown that I'm certain will convince you that we are creatures of a higher purpose. Yeah right.

It puzzles me everytime my boss questions my latecoming. In my mind, I have concocted the most logical idiotproof explanation.

Boss : Why were you late again this morning?

Azlin : I'm malay.

Boss : Huh?

Azlin : Its very simple really. Malays are masters of the art of Taking It Easy. In our own words, we are all things relek and lepak. We do not do hasty. I'm sure that you are a creature of habit too. Telling a malay to not be late would be like telling a feather to keep still mid-air despite gravity. It is in my genetic make-up no matter how hard I try to fight it.

I haven't tested the practical implications of this explanation, so do try at your own risk. Besides, asking someone to go against their genetic make-up is just plain evil.

Take it easyyyy.


Lene said...

That was fuckin hilarious!

Rae said...

cuz im malay. lepak!

adrenalene.xs said...

charrene - you can try the excuse, but substitute the race. then maybe your boss will let you go!!!!

rae - you cina you. no wonder you're always early. good girl!