Monday, May 25, 2009

tusken task

tis monday and not the season to be jolly my weekend was not very exciting i feel like talking cock its super-cold in the office i feel like a sandperson i.e. tusken raider in antarctica except the coldest place in the world is my heart please don’t emo monday morning damn annoying can my hair smells funny must wash later i didn’t get my morning tea and now I feel unperked and yawn yawn even though dawn break already i miss musery and feel handicapped without her though my parking privileges remain status quo must go cycling miss the moon and empty streets but miss my beach-bumming days even more so reclused yet so free and the fine sand which will sink me back to the earth's core hardcore talk nonsense to kill time because time is an inevitable mofo i want many many leggings of a thousand patterns and colours because i feel like a wrestler think rey mysterio so strong muscle muscle steroids memnoch long time no see holla at my homies holla at my bitch

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