Thursday, June 4, 2009

lady luck

Lady Luck seems to be a nasty auntie lately, scorned like hell hath no fury. I've been going through a series of unfortunate events, one of which was potentially life-threatening.

I was cycling on my way to the swimming pool when a long white string caught me by surprise, grazing my neck. The string began to stretch across my neck to its breaking point. There was no way I could have seen the tiny string at such a dark hour and I was cycling too fast to stop in time.

The string came from a kite that some auntie and her son flew. It fell on the elevated LRT railway and suspended diagonally to the ground. It hung from the railway, across the pavement, while the two potential killers held on to the end of the string on an empty field. I was the oncoming traffic, the incoming victim.

There is a 8cm scar across my neck. The string could've easily snapped a vein and have me bleed to death. If the string was made of nylon, there was a high chance that I could've been decapitated. I was fortunate that the string broke when it did.

As of now, I'm tired of thinking about what-ifs and what-could-have-been. I am a bit traumatized but I'll live, right? I'll live but it’s the latter word that going to have to wait.

The saddest part about this was waking up and rushing to a place I didn't want to be at despite being emotionally stirred. There, I had to pretend I was a-okay and things were easy breezy. I don't know whether to laugh or cry that I am the pretentious creep I so often despise.

It is difficult for me to coin my appreciation for second chances when I don't understand the science enough to demonstrate it. I would very much like to dwell in transit for a while before I find the strength to look at better skies.

... And I hope the skies look just fine for you.

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